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So you've made it this far and looked at my profile. Congratulations.
While this begs the question "why did you decide to look at it, considering how much great art can be found on deviantart", I'm thankful you're here. While you're at it, feel free to leave a comment on my deviations if you have suggestions for improvement.

So about what I do on deviantart:

I draw mostly with pencil, and the things I've done up till now aren't exactly 'art', since they are mostly small drawings with no background. I'll get to draw bigger pictures with cool backgrounds and action at some point, but before that there are still a lot of things I need to understand (including but not limited to "how to actually draw the body correctly"). I'm still largely in a learning process when it comes to drawing, but I think taht you'll hopefully see gradual improvent if you look at my drawings in a chronological order.
Note to self: I really should stop constantly changing my mind about what I write in comments while writing them.
I've drawn a few things recently, and it's not too bad (or at least better than it used to be). I'm beginning to understand how to draw hands and the body in general, but I'm still far from having a full understanding on that matter. Clothes are also a problem. Not only do I not know how to draw folds, I'm also not quite sure where to draw them. I'll see where this goes a few months from now, hopefully.


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